Energy Efficiency

Participatory meetings rounded off the INNOVA FOSIS project in Valdivia

The INNOVA FOSIS project, run by the Instituto Forestal (INFOR), ended its pilot scheme in the neighborhoods of Brisas de Guacamayo and Altos de Mahuiza holding participatory meetings to spread experiences and learnings.

The project provided training to the people of the community in energy efficiency concepts. It also trained them to implement structural improvements to their houses that will allow them to face the winter having better housing conditions and saving on heating costs.

The improvements involved the installation of thermal insulation in roofs and sealants in doors and windows. This was a process in which the community actively participated and applied in the field the concepts learnt in the training workshops.

The final stage of the pilot project included a monitoring and dissemination phase in which participatory meetings were held in the communities. The aim was to disseminate the project and its results among the neighbors, in order to encourage initiatives that emerge from the community.

It should be noted that the INFOR research team is currently working side by side with FOSIS, the Ministry of Energy, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning on the enlargement process of the pilot project. Thus, the learnings acquired from this pilot project will be incorporated to complement and improve the existing programs focused on the thermal insulation of houses.

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