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Webinar: Passivhaus and districts to decontaminate cities

The free seminar “Passivhaus y distritales para descontaminar ciudades” (Passivhaus and District to decontaminate cities) will take place on March 19, from 9 am to 10 am. It is organized by Passivhaus Austral, an organization that seek to diffuse, promote, and encourage the implementation of the Passivhaus standard in Chile and Latin America.

This seminar is part of a series of webinars that promote efficiency in buildings under Passivhaus standards. On this occasion, the seminar will count on the participation of Alejandra Schueftan, manager of INFOR, and René Reyes, researcher at INFOR, who will give a talk titled Descontaminación y Pobreza Energética en el centro-sur de Chile (decontamination and energy poverty in south-central Chile).

Alejandra Schueftan, manager of INFOR, and René Reyes, researcher at INFOR.

Passivhaus corresponds to a standard for net zero-energy houses. It is based on an exhaustive procedure for the development and execution of the plan. To achieve this near-zero energy consumption, it requires designing and building houses with super insulation, an airtight envelope, stringent levels of thermal bridging and unwanted air leaks, well-insulated windows frames, high performance glazing, and use of the sun’s energy in such a way that a mechanical ventilation system (through a heat recovery system) provides everything needed for air conditioning, with minimal additional energy input.

Features of Passivhaus buildings:

− Ecofriendly: They are efficient on the use of energy and produce minimal or no emissions of CO2.
− Comfortable, healthy and quiet: They guarantee great comfort and environmental quality, which have a positive impact on people’s health, well-being, and life quality.
− Versatile and worthwhile: They are suitable for all kinds of buildings (residential, educational, hospital, office, etc.) and all climatic zones.

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