In Chile, roughly 16% of energy consumption comes from the residential sector (CDT, 2019); and the most consumed residential fuel is firewood.

The use of this fuel varies across the country, increasing in the southern regions. In fact, in the XI Region it is estimated that almost all the households use firewood for heating needs (Figure 1).

In national terms, the estimated national residential consumption of firewood is around 7.533.232 solid cubic meters.

Figure 1: Firewood consumption in the Chilean residential sector.
Source: CDT, 2015

The high consumption of firewood, and specially the residential consumption, demands the study and investigation of all the effects generated in the ecosystem. For this reason, the aim of this research area is to study the local, regional and global effects of excessive domestic demand of firewood for heating (i.e. effects like air pollution, forest degradation and climate change).

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