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Development of sustainable insulating materials and constructive elements for the Chilean market (CORFO EUREKA) 2019-20

The objective of this project is to develop three insulating products for housings, based on renewable raw materials. By using agriculture and forestry wastes, it is expected to create an insulation board, a flexible insulating substrate, and an injected insulation.

To carry out this purpose, the first step was to study the required technical properties to comply with the requirements of the Chilean regulations (thermal, acoustic and fire resistance standards). This analysis also enlarged on the insulation properties, so they could be used and commercialized in the domestic market.

In addition, in order to select suitable raw materials, an analysis of waste availability and a study of the physiomechanical characteristics of the waste produced by agricultural and forestry activities in Los Ríos Region, and La Araucanía Region were conducted.

Laboratory studies are currently being carried out to practically elaborate the three types of insulators proposed and to achieve the technical properties necessary to be inserted in the market as a sustainable and high quality option. At the end of this project, a demonstration of the insulators developed in an entirely wood construction is expected to be carried out.

If you want to know more about this project, stay tuned to the news and advances we will be posting on our website.

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