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Reyes, R., Nelson, H. & Zerriffi, H. “Firewood: Cause or Consequence? Underlying Drivers of Firewood Production in the south of Chile” Energy for Sustainable Dev 42 (2018): 97-108

Social-ecological relationships of household energy, forests and farms (UBC) 2019-21

The objective of this association is to study the relationship between agricultural and forestry systems with household energy demand. The choice of the type of energy used by families at the residential and community level impacts the ecological conditions of agricultural and forest soils. Along with this, the way agroforestry resources are managed influences energy availability and impacts on household well-being and quality of life.

The association brings together researchers with expertise in topics related to household energy, and forestry and agricultural resources. The purpose is to establish an interdisciplinary community to develop new analysis
structures. Studies are wide ranging, and include large-scale analyses in ecological and socioeconomic data, review and systematization of the existing evidence on these topics, work on case studies, etc.

Besides, this association seeks to be a space for discussion and generation of new knowledge via seminars and workshops leading to the publications of research in specialized journals.

The following institutions are part of this association: University of British Columbia, Duke University, University of Michigan, University of Edinburgh, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Stockholm Environmental Institute and the Chilean Instituto Forestal (INFOR).

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