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Improving our houses: Innovations to tackle energy poverty from a participative community (INNOVA FOSIS) 2020-21

his project entails the early involvement of householders in the improvement of their houses, based on a learning-by- doing methodology and the experiences of their own neighbors.

To carry out this objective, families from two neighborhoods within the city of Valdivia (Altos de Mahuiza and Brisas de Guacamayo) will be trained by INFOR in simple and low-cost construction techniques to improve the thermal insulation of their houses. This will allow them to improve their habitability conditions, reduce the health risks associated with living in cold, humid and polluted environments, and get involved in the thermal improvement process.

In addition to the training workshops, the pilot project includes a structural improvement phase, in which a group of neighbors together with specialized builders will participate in the thermal improvement process of their houses. In this way they will not only apply what they have learned, but will also be able to understand in practice the importance of adopting energy efficiency measures, and how some simple practices can help to improve their housing quality.

This program is expected to prove neighbors that insulating houses allows them to live better without spending too much. In this way, the interest of the entire community in this type of initiatives will increase which, in turn, will encourage the development of community-based interventions.

The implementation of this pilot project starts in Septembe 2020. All updates on this project will be announced through this platform.

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